How You Can Make An Impact On The Election, Trump’s Plan & Final Polls

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” -George Jean Nathan

It’s the night before the election and there are two critical things that you can do to make an impact on this election:

  1. Make sure you vote!
    1. You can visit for info about when and where to vote
  2. Make sure that other people vote!
    1. You can post on social media about the importance of voting in this election
    2. You can make virtual calls to voters in swing states to get them to vote

What Is Trump’s Plan to swing the election?

Trump and his advisors have made it very clear in recent statements that their plan is to claim victory on election night if they’re temporarily ahead and then to file tons of lawsuits to invalidate ballots and prevent states from counting ballots.

Trump broadcasts plan to try to STEAL election in bombshell admission

Trump adviser lays out plan for Trump to steal election ON AIR

While Biden is winning in the polls, this election is not a done deal (per FiveThirtyEight):

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