The Easiest $50 You’ll Ever Make (Betting On Biden To Win The Presidency)

This is not a typical post for this site but I’m sharing because this is politics-related and I figured many readers like free money and will appreciate the tip!

PredictIt is maybe the best known, most trusted, and most popular political betting sites (it has been featured by the NYT, WSJ, CNN, Politico, Vox, etc.).

They’re currently offering up to a $50 first deposit match with the promo code firsttrade50 (meaning if you deposit $50, you’ll receive $100 in your account). The offer expires on Thanksgiving.

They’re also still taking bets on whether Biden or Trump will win the presidency (see this bet). Note that the main Trump vs. Biden bet is maxed out on the number of bettors they’ll allow so you have to use an oddly worded bet like the one that I linked to.

The process is simple:

  1. Deposit $50 using the promo code listed above to get $100 in your account
  2. Bet on Biden to win the presidency
  3. Collect your cash after Biden wins and you now have $~50 extra cash that you can withdraw

Disclaimers: Obviously bet at your own risk and while I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely that Biden loses, it’s certainly possible. I’m not being compensated in any way by promoting this.

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