We All Have A Moral Obligation To Confront Racism

Today I confronted an older white woman who was making racist and hateful comments towards a Hispanic couple in the Boston Common.

If we don’t confront people spewing out racism, sexism, and hate then we are just as guilty as the people saying the words.

And if we vote for politicians (i.e. Trump) who promote racism, sexism, violence, and hate then we are actively condoning and supporting these behaviors.

You don’t get a free pass just because you only care about taxes or some other issue. A vote supporting racism is a vote supporting racism.

If you, like me, want to live in a world without racism and hate then please understand that your vote has real-world consequences.

And the only way to get politicians to stop being racist is by voting against them and letting them know that this behavior is not okay!

A friendly Hispanic couple working their 7th day in a row to pay their bills shouldn’t have to deal with some angry white woman yelling racist shit at them.

Please join me by pledging to vote against politicians who support racism and hate.

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