We All Must Fight The Extreme Left’s Efforts To End Free Speech (Joe Rogan & Spotify)

A group of employees at Spotify are trying to censor Joe Rogan’s past and future content because they disagree with it. In case you aren’t familiar, Joe runs the most popular podcast in the world and Spotify paid $100M for him to air it exclusively on Spotify.

Each podcast episode is aired live, lasts 2-4 hours and is always unedited.

Some Spotify employees are threatening to strike unless they get editorial control and the right to censor episodes or excerpts that they find upsetting. Specifically, they’re upset that he has interviewed people with trans, gay, and right-leaning viewpoints that do not align with their own.

While Joe Rogan did spread misinformation by saying that left-wing anarchists started the Oregon fires, he issued a public apology and correction.

In a country where everyone, including the media, is becoming increasingly divided, Joe Rogan is a somewhat rare centrist who provides an open platform to people of all sides and beliefs (from the extreme left to the extreme right).

He’s a rare interviewer who is able to respectfully interview people that he disagrees with so that he can hear them out. And because he’s open-minded and his viewpoints fall somewhere in the middle, he has deeply offended and pissed off people on both sides of the spectrum.

Should we support people spreading blatant lies or hate speech? No. But Joe isn’t one of those people.

Fighting to silence voices that we disagree with is the antithesis of democracy and the extreme left needs to stop this practice.

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