Yesterday I Donated The Max Amount To Defeat Trump

Yesterday I donated the max amount to Joe Biden’s campaign and today I applied to work for his campaign.

I’m writing this post to ask that you join me in donating whatever you can to help beat Trump in this election.

Before yesterday, I’d never donated more than $20 to a political candidate. But I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and know that I did everything in my power to prevent Trump from further dividing our country, hampering humanity’s efforts to fight climate change, and potentially taking down our democracy.

What is the value of money if we destroy the earth? And how much money is it worth to you to live in a democratic and non-divided country?

There has never been a more important time in our lives than right now. Please take action by donating whatever you can to protect our country and the future of the human race.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of my reasoning:

  1. From a climate change perspective, if Trump wins this election, will money even matter 40-50 years from now? The world doesn’t have time to let Trump continue to fight against policies designed to slow down climate change.
  2. From a democracy perspective, it’s not unrealistic to think that our democracy might fall if we re-elect Trump. When the world’s leading (non-partisan) experts are sounding the alarm that a lot of what we’re seeing are textbook steps to transition from a democracy to a dictatorship we should all be concerned (create mistrust with media, question legitimacy of elections, incite violence/rioting, using enemies as a unifying cause).
  3. From a country unity perspective, the long-term ramifications of four more years of divisive and hateful rhetoric are scary. I think it will likely take multiple decades to recover from the continued division being sowed in our country.

Image courtesy of The Clyde Fitch Report.

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