Why Conspiracy Theorists Can’t Comprehend Bill Gates & Volunteers During COVID-19

Why Conspiracy Theorists Can't Comprehend Bill Gates & Volunteers During COVID-19


So I’ve noticed this big trend right now, where there’s a decently high percentage of people, especially Americans, who just cannot comprehend in their brains, why someone would work on something for free during COVID-19.

Anything that doesn’t bring them personal profit and personal monetary gain, why they would volunteer their time? And the most obvious example is Bill Gates, where Bill Gates has become the supervillain for a significant part of the US population.

Because, you know, if someone’s working on something COVID-19 related, and you can’t piece into your brain, that they would work on something for free, so it means they’re definitely making a profit. And that they’re doing something bad because naturally if someone’s heavily profiting off of something that’s destroying lives and our economy.

The bigger thing though is it reveals for these people that can’t fathom that someone would work on something for free, that they themselves, make decisions based on money. And, and it’s clear what their motivations are.

Because if I can’t comprehend that you would do something for free because it helps people. Then it clearly means that I don’t do things for free to help people. And it’s part of a greater theme in the US, which is that a lot of people refuse to make personal sacrifices to help the collective group.

And you see that within mask deniers, and then even on a broader level, as you could say, you see that within taxes. For anyone who just cannot comprehend why someone would do something that would benefit other people without personal financial gain, you should definitely spend the time to go volunteer and to help other people, and to get the feeling of what it’s like to help people.

And to understand that it both helps the world and it helps yourself. It’ll help to bring meaning to your life, and it’ll help you just to understand other people better. And it’s, it’s been really hard for me to wrap my brain around how can so many people in our country, just not be able to understand why someone would do something that benefits others without personal gain.

And it’s taken me some time to try to wrap my head around and it’s really just around the personal philosophy of “I do things that benefit me and I don’t do things that benefit other people” in society.

And It would be great if we could rework that in some way.

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