My Bone Marrow Donation Story – Please Join The Registry! :)

Three years ago I donated bone marrow stem cells in a San Francisco hospital to extend a stranger’s life. This is the thank you letter I received a few months ago from the spouse of that recipient.

I’m sharing this with the hope that at least ten people will spend a few minutes to join the bone marrow registry via! They’ll send you a cheek swab kit which you swab and then send back.

The reason I became a bone marrow donor is because a few thoughtful USC students stopped me in our campus center in 2013. They asked me to spend five minutes to potentially save someone’s life in the future. Four years later I got a call saying that my help was needed.

Please accept my call to get registered – so that you too can help someone in need.

Happy holidays everyone and hope that you have a great end to your year!

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